The Manchester Derby

Sunday amply demonstrated why being a fan to a sport team can be amply rewarding or maybe so heartbreaking at times. Fortunately for me i support the red side of Manchester and they never stop rewarding with finishes that are just beyond words.

Starting with the improbable victory at Nou Camp.. to the last Champions League where John Terry managed to stop all the hearts before sending them into elation.

This Sunday was no different. When Bellamy scored at the stroke of full time..the world came crashing down after such an exciting fight in the second half, a stupid stupid mistake by Rio Ferdinand gifting the ball away which Bellamy aptly punished United for. The anguish on Rio's face mirrored the feelings of millions of fans worldwide.

Typical to what United stands for they did not give up. Aided by maybe what some would insist as "Fergie time" they came back to win the game in style. Scoring once again in extra time and it could not be more for Michael Owen to score the winning goal. Absolute raptures, cant even begin to describe the feeling when the ball went in. Times like this are what makes being a football fan so special

Fergie asked after the game said he would have preferred a 6-0 result to a 4-3 outcome that happened eventually. In my opinion at 4-3 victory anyday with the heart-stopping winner in the final minutes of the extra-time.. Red for life..