Morning Musings

Somehow i feel that however evolved we Homosapiens are ... we still will not be able to shed our animal instincts...why do i say this...

'Cos the auntie down in the lower berth in stark aberration to her XX chromosomal pattern has somehow imbibed the spirit of the rooster... no pun intended.

...It is 6 in the morning and she has to make her presence felt.... a post mortem about the previous day's crybaby soap... for Crissakes...not here

" Your morning is not my morning LADY!!!" Wish I could scream it down her throat and lull her into silence, but decide against it, not wanting to match my vocal skills against hers... bet she could coo like a cuckoo... instead decide on giving her "the look" fire raging, anger smouldering.. sorta thing.. but only manage two groggy eyes deprived of sleep, trying hard to light up but spluttering like wet match-stick.
DAMN the fire and the smoulder

I reluctantly make peace with my situation, fiddle for my specs, get them on and clamber down the berth to the floor. The moment I do the touchdown I waddle around left and right... and lose my balance.. the train too at that precise moment decided that it needed a spot in the course of my destiny..

I dawdle across to wash my face and the moment i splash water on my face, my vision becomes distorted... and I literally see water streaming down eventually fading into drops that just stayed there like faded mist...surreal early in the morning.... ever happened to you???? Never to me....

I try to figure out why I was blessed with the sudden surreal experience...and then came up with the genuinely intelligent idea of washing away the droplets. Remember all of this is happening in a flash. Kinda split-second decisions they expect u to make in an action-flick

However the mysterious transformation of the water droplets continued. I stressed my processes. Then like a light of boltning...aah.. bolt of lightning. riding on a moment of inspiration.. I solve the mystery and grinned to myself....

MORAL OF THE STORY :- Remove Ur specs b4 u wash Ur face in order to avoid the mysterious travails I have been through.

And yes hi and thanks to the pretty girl who made it a point to giggle loudly enough, witnessing the whole episode... thanks to her.. every time I take that train..people recognize me and I get place to sit ... words are not enough to express my gratitude for Ur subtle handling of the matter. I hope we meet again and I get a chance to repay u in kindness.




The moment i step in, i get stared at as if i intruded into some secret sacrosanct sacred space.

..I settle into the chair so uninvitingly left vacant for me at the farthest corner. The view from this chair is the best, i can gleefully checkout the ones,that arrive, and those who leave... the pillar hides me so that i get a sneak peak without really being noticed...

i am about 50 metres away but that does not hinder me from making out the details properly, gift of God u might say.... innately cultivated I'd retort.

i patiently wait, shifting in the chair. God why cant they make chairs that conform to our whims rather than having ones set rigid expecting us to mold ourselves to them. Guess life is all about wanting our wants but getting what it gives. No questions asked.

I squirm but cant help checking this one out. As she arrives the glow that emanates lights up the surroundings. For a moment all of us ( yes i ain't alone here) sit up and take notice. A flicker of animation passes around like a wave before the realisation dawns that she is not for us. Why u wonder am i here... cos one of amongst the many here today is the one for me... just that i am a bit early.. half an hour to be precise... now down to 20 min's...but is it not the way it is supposed to be.. than the other way round. God forbid if it ever happens the other way round i can already hear the bells ringing, the sirens wailing and the hour of misery beginining (lasts only for an hour tho, cos my shameless nature prohibits me from fretting over anything for more than an hour or else I'd have mother nature lovingly draw my attention to some place else where I'd have messed up equally well)
But hey rejoice i am early and have not messed up and stand a 100% chance of evading the miserable hour ( or so i hope)

And in my endeavour of waiting i'd like to draw attention to people... joining me in their own way
One.... the ear-plugged Sardar in his blues.. flaunting his prized possession.... the prized possession in this case is the cushioned chair... my rear end immediately makes it views about incompetency known to the thinking end...and then there is Mr baldie.. he believes it is his moral right to block my view exactly at the moment . i believe u can guess the rest.

U know how some people... U never know them and don't really Care about them but they still play a small part in making Ur life just that bit miserable... i have an elite list of those people... Mr baldie just happened to join them...
"Life will pay u back".. i mutter under my breath..

10 minutes more to the time and i fidget nervously... i decide it is better that i walk out and get a whiff of fresh air.... I walk around let my bones loose...the fact that i get closer to viewing things in better light is difficult not to mention....i gleefully enjoy the view

5 minutes to time and i realize that i just might risk losing my vantage point... I don't wanna do that do I?.... I walk back to my seat.

Anytime now.. I wait with bated breath as my wait is bordering on getting over...

( the sound that generally precedes all life changing discourses).......
Aah sweet words.. i pick my bag up and rush to meet the one intended for me...
the train
the time 3 am....
i have a train to meet and a berth to keep.....
i get in to train and nestle up in the berth falling off into a peaceful slumber.....

( I just might be under the impression that words flowin out somehow string together and make sense... if u dnt particularly agree to my impression.. do not agree...this is a free world... i keep an elite list anyways...)