dancing her way to my heart!!!

Words unfortunately have been a trickle..all attempts at trying to write something eventually have led to nowhere.. and then i watch a song promo :)

the snoozefest has been interrupted ...atleast for the day..

I am not a Katrina Kaif fan..never have been ..i have always thought she played less demanding roles and was just a pretty face adding gloss to the whole image..be it a scene or be it a song...her dancing skills were pretty unheard of till sheela jaag gayi. As far as Sheela goes i think more credit to the choreographer for making her practice them moves and then perform the way she did. just my opinion ..Katrina admittedly did work hard but did not exactly hit me for a six...nor did the kaala chasma..

And then this happened

And i have been hooked..Repeat mode on for me. I remeber talkin to my namesake few days ago...it was the day before her birthday and somehow Katrina popped up and both of us acknowledged how she has made it on her own in the cinema world..tough ask..

This video though is something else..and has officially blown my brains off.. I have watched it umpteen times just to see her dance...and well i am a convert .



Giving up..not

am not,.. never will...will  keep bouncing back..and i mean it both in the literal sense and metaphorical sense..so here i am.

It probably is something that i can safely assume to have some profligacy in ,,,giving up..at times even before the race is about to start i dont even show up. Been so for quite a while.

If I make an attempt at changing a few things about me..the very first I would need is to stick on a little longer...not giving in to taking the easy recourse..it has dogged me forever in life...taking the easier way out..its so imbibed that its the first impromptu action I think of.

I understand that it will take me longer to change that very bit..but I wont give up on not giving up...it had to start some day and no better day to start today

not giving up


Absence that shall not be

     Been a while since Sir Alex spurned me to make a return to the task eking out words before it died down again..A lot transpired between then and now that wont find a mention on here...This did start out as an exercise for my own-self when it did start. To express in words a particular state of mind that was shaped thence.It meandered aimlessly...sputtered .. and then meandered some more before it came to a stop...

  Or did it??? I think not ..yep splutter it might again...stop as well..but roll on it will...hopefully not meander as much..and back to why i did start it out..

 To let words flow from the annals ..unperturbed...unfettered ..hopefully making a little bit of sense along the way..but most of all being true to the thought it emanates from.

Second innings in a way or maybe the third or the fourth..and i dont have no particular thoughts to express at this moment..just a lingering feeling that the absence has been too long..the mind caged longer..the need to express and splurge in the frolic of words taking an overwhelming precedence.

This in effect is a note to myself about starting out again..on the journey to discover wonders... to be dismayed at occurrences..to loath...to empathise..to celebrate..to feel them emotions whirl again...and let it flow over here..

Back Again!!!



I cannot imagine Mancheter United without Sir Alex..he has been always there since the moment i started watching football. It is difficult to imagine a United squad without him. Sad...wish he would stay on for a year more and United could make a go at the champions league..

Sad as i am..but THANK YOU SIR ALEX.. for everything..am so priviliged to have started watching football and being witness to the glorious era with you at the helm ..THANK YOU
forever indebted..and proud to be in the same era..THANK YOU...


Sajjan Singh acquitted!!

Shocking that a case drags so long...28 years..imagine having to wait that long for a verdict..watching these scenes on television so disheartening.. When u go up fighting up against an influential person...the common is completely powerless with the system completely at their mercy

My heart goes out to the people who lost their loved ones in the horrific riot. After waiting for so long..the least the government can do is reach out and assauge their feelings.. feel very sad that the system is deteriorating to such levels..

I dont know about the judgement or any legal points or have any clue if sajjan kumar is guilty or not.. but it is terrible having to witness scores of people being so shattered  by a judgement.. surely it must be looked into further..further how is it that main accused gets acquitted...however the sameevidence was used to implicate 3 others..

lets hope the courts do take notice of these matters and justice be delivered after such a long time.


Heartbreaking loss!! nani red card,,,, was it fair!!

Following a football team can be incredibly rewarding , not in material terms  the least but when you support a team you just support it. . with it come heartbreaks!! sweet victories, anguish, ecstacy etc..

Yes, Manchester United lost today, maybe undeservingly so. United matched upto Madrid and actually shaded Madrid at the start of the second half till Nani was red-carded... I thought it was gonna be a yellow and was staggered to see the ref pull out a red...very very harsh...and that kind of killed off the tie..not to rob anything off Madrid,they did have to score and score twice they did but heartbreaking to see your team in control of the tie and one decision simply killing of what could have been a special night at the Theatre of Dreams..distraught is one word that would some up how all the Manchester United fans would be feeling including me

completely distraught....they have a huge game coming up against Chelsea...hopefully they will be upto it soon...but for today...heartbroken!!!



Horrific!!! Thats the only word that comes to my mind. Ashamed. I hope Lord gives strength to the girl to recover from this. Easier said than done i know. The least tht can be done is that justice be dealt as swiftly as possible..

Still ashamed !!!


ek din bikharna yaha !!

Love the song...love it to bits!! So when Lucky Ali was on air performing for MTV unplugged i waited for this song to come on..Did not happen...next course of action..take to Youtube,,,and there it was!!

Kitni haseen zindagi!!...loved the song, loved malaika arora in it...far removed from her chaiyya chaiyya and munni days :)..loved the part where she kinda lugs the box around only for it to open and spill!!! took me back to my days as a kid when i'd be glued to te telly for the song to show itself..wiki tells me they released it back in 2001..gosh almost 12 years!!! took me right back there

tumhe bhi kabhi ye satate hain
muskuraan ke dil ko churaate hain
jeene ko toh dil yeh chaahtaa hain
jaane phir kyun sharmaata hain!!

such bliss!!


Bilqis !!!

It is a shame that songs like Bilqis get lost amongst the 'champa-chameli' songs of the day. I dont mean any disrespect to the aforementioned songs but I would love, if songs like these could get a tad more airtime.

And the fact that this song has been around for more than four years just makes it worse.I chanced upon it by random luck.

 The song expresses an angst that I assume most of us feel in ourselves every-time we hear depressing news of injustice perpetrated in various places.

Hats-off to Rabbi for having the inclination to come out with a song that echoes with what I feel in my heart...and as far as the song goes...awesomeness!!!
Love it!!!


Paes Bhupati Saga

I am a fan of Leander Paes..unabashed fan of Lee right from the days he started playing with Ramesh Krishnan in 1991..been following him since then and watched most of his Davis cup triumphs as a wide eyed boy!!
And Leander Paes never disappointed, he may have not had the best of singles career with titles of note..but cometh the Indian flag and cometh the man. Playing for India in Davis Cup he has been phenomenal beating guys like Ivanisevic, Rios, Henman names i remember who were in their prime and ranked several places above him. It was a treat to sit through those matches and watch him perform for the country. Yes today he is a champion doubles player but i remember him most as the guy who kept coming back from the brink and wining it for the nation.

 The recent episode that happened is just a tad too much. I am biased towards Leander and believe he has been treated shabbily. When playing for the country i think its only fair that people keep aside their personal differences and come together to obtain the best possible result. Cole and Sheringham at United did not see eye to eye but were a fearsome strike-force together.

Bhupati and Bopanna unilaterally deciding to boycott Paes was not fair. I understand them wanting to play with each other and both having split with their respective partners and working for a year but even then they knew that the final decision rested with the AITA and if AITA thought that Paes-Bhupati combo was the best then in interest of the nation they should have agreed to it.

It was more a case of Bhupati and Bopanna holding the tennis association to ransom and arm-twisting to get their way. I wish AITA had showed more balls and told the both of them to either honour the selection committee or not go to Olympics. Instead they came up with a so called compromise formula allowing Bhupati and Bopanna to pair and having Leander to go with a low ranked player.

At the end of the day Paes is still the highest ranked Indian doubles player and it would have made more sense to pair Mahesh or Rohan with him.. and knowing how the Indian Express has fared before I wish we could have seen together one last time at the Olympics which definitely will be the last for both of them.

It remains to be seen how Leander reacts to the compromise formula which is highly unfair to him, I somehow think Leander might just play this being his 6th olympics and its a rare honour for any sportsperson to be part of 6 consecutive Olympics. He might just take the compromise formula considering tomorrow not many people might remember him withdrawing but having being there for 6 Olympics would be a part of History.

And if he does withdraw, I will be pleasantly surprised. If anything the saga seems to keep rolling on.