ek din bikharna yaha !!

Love the song...love it to bits!! So when Lucky Ali was on air performing for MTV unplugged i waited for this song to come on..Did not happen...next course of action..take to Youtube,,,and there it was!!

Kitni haseen zindagi!!...loved the song, loved malaika arora in it...far removed from her chaiyya chaiyya and munni days :)..loved the part where she kinda lugs the box around only for it to open and spill!!! took me back to my days as a kid when i'd be glued to te telly for the song to show itself..wiki tells me they released it back in 2001..gosh almost 12 years!!! took me right back there

tumhe bhi kabhi ye satate hain
muskuraan ke dil ko churaate hain
jeene ko toh dil yeh chaahtaa hain
jaane phir kyun sharmaata hain!!

such bliss!!