Heartbreaking loss!! nani red card,,,, was it fair!!

Following a football team can be incredibly rewarding , not in material terms  the least but when you support a team you just support it. . with it come heartbreaks!! sweet victories, anguish, ecstacy etc..

Yes, Manchester United lost today, maybe undeservingly so. United matched upto Madrid and actually shaded Madrid at the start of the second half till Nani was red-carded... I thought it was gonna be a yellow and was staggered to see the ref pull out a red...very very harsh...and that kind of killed off the tie..not to rob anything off Madrid,they did have to score and score twice they did but heartbreaking to see your team in control of the tie and one decision simply killing of what could have been a special night at the Theatre of Dreams..distraught is one word that would some up how all the Manchester United fans would be feeling including me

completely distraught....they have a huge game coming up against Chelsea...hopefully they will be upto it soon...but for today...heartbroken!!!