Sajjan Singh acquitted!!

Shocking that a case drags so long...28 years..imagine having to wait that long for a verdict..watching these scenes on television so disheartening.. When u go up fighting up against an influential person...the common is completely powerless with the system completely at their mercy

My heart goes out to the people who lost their loved ones in the horrific riot. After waiting for so long..the least the government can do is reach out and assauge their feelings.. feel very sad that the system is deteriorating to such levels..

I dont know about the judgement or any legal points or have any clue if sajjan kumar is guilty or not.. but it is terrible having to witness scores of people being so shattered  by a judgement.. surely it must be looked into further..further how is it that main accused gets acquitted...however the sameevidence was used to implicate 3 others..

lets hope the courts do take notice of these matters and justice be delivered after such a long time.