Absence that shall not be

     Been a while since Sir Alex spurned me to make a return to the task eking out words before it died down again..A lot transpired between then and now that wont find a mention on here...This did start out as an exercise for my own-self when it did start. To express in words a particular state of mind that was shaped thence.It meandered aimlessly...sputtered .. and then meandered some more before it came to a stop...

  Or did it??? I think not ..yep splutter it might again...stop as well..but roll on it will...hopefully not meander as much..and back to why i did start it out..

 To let words flow from the annals ..unperturbed...unfettered ..hopefully making a little bit of sense along the way..but most of all being true to the thought it emanates from.

Second innings in a way or maybe the third or the fourth..and i dont have no particular thoughts to express at this moment..just a lingering feeling that the absence has been too long..the mind caged longer..the need to express and splurge in the frolic of words taking an overwhelming precedence.

This in effect is a note to myself about starting out again..on the journey to discover wonders... to be dismayed at occurrences..to loath...to empathise..to celebrate..to feel them emotions whirl again...and let it flow over here..

Back Again!!!