Sanjay Dutt barred from elections

Munnabhai ain't gonna be an MP anytime soon. The Supreme Court has disallowed Sanjay Dutt from contesting the elections.

In my opinion the decision is absolutely correct. Criminalisation of politics needs to be regulated. The Parliament had expressed its resolve to stop the participation of nefarious elements in politics. Any other decision would have set a bad precedent as the Supreme Court itself mentioned

I know a lot of Sanjay Dutt fans would be disappointed that he cannot contest however the fact remains that he has been convicted under the Arms Act and unless and until his conviction is set aside he cannot contest. There never was any doubt to start with that his case would never be upheld. Once he was convicted he should have realised his limitations and should have thought better of contesting.

The judgement is landmark in itself considering it sends out the strongest message that people with criminal antecedents have no space in the public sphere. Sanjay Dutt and his exemplary record during the trial notwithstanding he has a criminal record to himself and an example needs to be set. The greater good of the nation should take precedence over the future of an individual candidate. Further more the right to contest is not a fundamental right, but a statutory right, so the Supreme Court cannot be accused of violating Sanjay's fundamental rights in any way.

The comparisons with Navjot Singh too ain't right. The two cases are entirely different. In one instance Sidhu voluntarily resigned after his conviction, vacated his seat and then approached the Supreme Court to stay his conviction which then allowed him to contest.
As of today Sanjay stands convicted as such cannot contest.

That the benchmark is now set further action needs to be taken in decriminalization of politics in a big way with the politicians present in the system needing to take the biggest part. As far as Sanjay is concerned he may get his wife to fight and get himself elected by proxy. Knowing our politics it is quite possible that Sanjay and the Samajwadi Party might resort to it.

However a person with a crime conviction should not be allowed to contest whoever it maybe. If and when the courts do stay his conviction he is welcome to represent me in the Parliament. Till then no can do.


Varun Gandhi Arrested

Finally Varun Gandhi has surrendered and has been arrested and sentenced till Monday morning. The irony of the situation though is very peculiar. Someone who should be in the dock for his comments is slowly elevating himself to a cult status.

It has been played out into a drama to be very honest. For a day BJP was embarrassed about his comments and disassociated itself with his statements. And now they have turned back and realised that they have the golden hen and started planning for the eggs.

Quite ironical that Varun Gandhi whose party should have come out in force and corrected his ways have played out a gimmick for votes. They see an opportunity to polarize the electorate and gain votes by way of it.

The damage that they cause to our national fabric is so apparent. I wonder how the BJP leaders cant think of the Nation as a whole. Dividing the electorate on the basis of religion so that they can come to power is deplorable. What's more they have succeeded in winning pilibhit over maybe even Uttar Pradesh. How can we be so naive that we dont see these designs that the political parties create.

I mean Common does Varun Gandhi really care about nation building and uniting the nation. He talks about standing by his principles. I wonder what principles have been ingrained by him that he has to resort to such cheap measures to elect himself.

Appalling that the BJP has lent full support to Varun wanting to create another Narendra Modi or maybe even better a 'saffron Gandhi'.In political terms it has been shrewd manipulation by both BJP and Varun to turn the tables around on Congress.
Poor Congress must be wondering what have they got themselves into. They planned on doing something and the result simply is terrible.

Reports indicate that Varun Gandhi might go and campaign in other constituencies apart from Pilibhit sowing seeds of disharmony everywhere he goes or atleast an attempt to do so. It remains to be seen if the Indian electorate can see through this gimmick and then vote on issues that matter.

As far as Pilibhit goes i think Varun will succeed, I hope he never does outside Pilibhit


IPL Moved

After a lot of dilly-dallying the IPL 2 matches have been finally shifted out of India. England and South Africa are apparently the front runners to bag the the second edition of the cricketing bonanza

It does not make too much of a difference to be very honest. However it just not sound Indian when they play it abroad. I can never imagine Manchester United playing at Eden gardens and calling them home.Old Trafford is the Theatre of Dreams and shall stay so. Similarly the atmosphere the passion at Eden gardens for Kolkata knight riders can never be replicated anywhere else in the world,

The shifting of the tournament can be seen as an attempt by the IPL organisers to send a message to the government. Then again maybe it have been a purely business decision. The franchisees have invested too much into the whole show. It is better that the tournament is atleast happening instead of none at all. For someone who would eventually follow the game on the television it would not be too different
What is shocking however has been views expressed somewhere about how the government should have given precedence to thew IPL over the Lok Sabha elections. It is totally ridiculous to think that a money spinning event with an added entertainment value could come anywhere close to an affair that would guide the where the country moves for the next five years.

It is a tragic shame that some people blame the government for the country losing out on the cricketing event. The elections are the most important national event looming large. The political class that exists may indeed not be the best of the crop, however their existence as a political class is failure on our part. They exist because we let them do so. Us not involved in the democratic setup and maybe giving more significance to the razzmatazz that would have occurred instead.

It is a sincere plea on my part to utilise one's vote in the most sensible way possible. Please do vote. IPL will happen and I am not sure how much of a bearing it shall have on the state of millions of malnourished kids in our country. IPL wont do any good to the economy figures posted day in day out. Disintegrating social fabric will not suddenly find itself in the course of 20 odd overs. A government true to the people however will influence all this. The guy on the street shall still sleep if IPL occurs on Mars, he may not if the farm loan confiscates his roof. So do VOTE and VOTE for someone who you think shall lead us forward.

A positive spin on the whole of the IPL being moved is that the cheer-leading gals can go about strutting their stuff uninhibited the neo-religious Sena's notwithstanding.


Varun Gandhi's Speech

I wonder what Maneka Gandhi's reaction would be to the rabble-rousing her son has indulged in. She has won from pilibhit everytime, but once, and has moved away trying to ensure the her son has an easy entry to the Lok Sabha.

The Varun Gandhi comments though leave a not so good taste in the mouth. Especially in the situation they were made. Had he promised to cut off hands that attacked Hindu's in different times i would not have too much of a problem...even though Hindu's don't need Varun Gandhi to protect them, but then again his personal thoughts...saviour for the community or pretends to be.

What i have a problem with is how his religious messiah-ism was asleep all this while and suddenly woke up when votes are at stake. Making fools out of us voters by promising to help us in case the seeds of hatred the politicians sow take root makes me sick. First communalise the whole agenda..paint a community bad....and then protect us from a certain community.

If it is just a political gimmick ( i hope it is) or something with a deeper underlying thought, it still reveals an inherent weakness in our voting scenarios, where politicians like Varun Gandhi and his illustrious predecessors can fool gullible voters by raising rhetoric and espousing there credentials to protect a section of society from others. I find it deplorable that even the younger crop of our politicians ( who i presumed would be saner and work along issues that matter) indulge in such non-issues just because it suits them.

The focus is hardly on building a nation or even smaller...building the constituency he represents into a small harmonious place where everyone co-exists in peace and the representative can work to the further the development of the region as a whole...After posturing himself to be against a community i wonder how Varun will represent all sections of his society if he does win.

The Congress ain't any worse. They'd just use the comments made as a plank to stand upon and berate their opponents mistakes rather than set their house in order... Both the National parties asking for votes because the other is bad...not because they r good.The less said about the so-called Third Front the better.

The fact is that we r a multi-dimensional country with many issues in front of us. It is ironic that when tragedies lash us they never differentiate between us on the basis of languages or religions. Thinking again maybe i am wrong. They do. Tragedies = politicians of a certain ilk. On a serious not i have never seen rain that falls only in the Muslim areas in shifts and then reverts back to a Hindu area.

What he has done may indeed win him votes. Maybe the seat too (although i pray he does not)...along the way tho he too has just played a small bit in the deepening divide between communities in our country. A smallish contribution he could have avoided. I hope he comes to know that what we need is not a saviour from people in our land but problems that surround our people. Wonder if unemployment or poverty ever figures in his plans or he'd be always away with his cape trying to incite fights and then resolve by cutting hands.

I still am waiting for Maneka Gandhi to react.....Tho i maybe disappointed with her reaction..but still



The attacks in Pakistanare horrific. The logic of cricketers not being attacked by terrorism has been blown away by the attack.

The whole world will be watching the attack and for no fault of ours India too would be involved in the scrutiny that follows. I hope it does not have a major impact on IPL as well as the World Cup thats about to follow.

More importantly Pakistan will have look back at what has been happening. Years of supporting unlawful groups have raised a demon that is now biting the hand that fed it all the while.
The fire that rages on however consumes many in its wake.

As long as nothing is done to control these groups by the authorities who reared them innocents will continue to be attacked, lives lost.