Talk about big news coming through the week. Finally after weeks of rumours..it has been confirmed Michael Schumacher is coming back to Formula 1. For the umpteen numbers of fans who followed him and his Benetton and Ferrari days it was heartbreak when Schumi almost came back after Massa's accident, but unfortunately things did not work out.

However this is big, though he does not come back in the famed prancing stallion.. dunno if its gonna be silver arrows either..but whichever team it is..i don't care.. the man who typified Formula 1 for me who got me hooked onto it like never before is returning..

I always felt after his last season where Alonso had him..there was a swansong left...when he left the scene..something was amiss..now that he returns the scene is pretty much set...Alonso, Hamilton and Button...in my opinion could not light up the circuit the same way he did with me pretty much losing my interest. Formula1 was just not the same without him

Yes he might have brought boredom upon the non-supporters with his consistency..pretty much like Pete Sampras did during his heydays but it just typified the man with his success for hunger after having won everything and pretty much owning all the records in Formula 1.

I hope he still is able to race the way he did and Mercedes provides with a great car.. Ahh fascinating battles lie ahead..and i hope he is able to chart one more illustrious chapter in his book and maybe go ahead further more.