Happy independence day

Guess no better day to start writing again than the day 65 years down the line my beloved country writhed out of the clutches of the British and started her march onwards in the wide unknown realm dreams in a million eyes..prayer on their lips... hope in their hearts... funnily 65 years down the line we still are pretty much along similar lines

Not in the least meaning to sound despondent..but deep down i somehow feel sad looking at the spate of things occurring. Tomorrow Anna Hazare starts a fast for get his way with the lokpal bill, though i admire his honest effort to do something for the corrupt ways existing here and applaud his intentions having a Lokpal will simply not cure the ills that ail our system

The malaise starts with us, me and you, us the giver.. as much guilty as the one who receives the bribe.. till the time we as a society are governed by the need to get our things at a jiffy with the least of work involved..to bend rules our way.. to suit things up the way we need albeit at a cost..we will continue to rot in this mess..Anna or Lokpal notwithstanding..

The more i think the more morose i looking outta the windows and watching the poorest of poor toil for their daily bread and get paid peanuts close to a parked BMW i am not sure my country's tryst with destiny is heading up the right alley!!