dancing her way to my heart!!!

Words unfortunately have been a trickle..all attempts at trying to write something eventually have led to nowhere.. and then i watch a song promo :)

the snoozefest has been interrupted ...atleast for the day..

I am not a Katrina Kaif fan..never have been ..i have always thought she played less demanding roles and was just a pretty face adding gloss to the whole image..be it a scene or be it a song...her dancing skills were pretty unheard of till sheela jaag gayi. As far as Sheela goes i think more credit to the choreographer for making her practice them moves and then perform the way she did. just my opinion ..Katrina admittedly did work hard but did not exactly hit me for a six...nor did the kaala chasma..

And then this happened

And i have been hooked..Repeat mode on for me. I remeber talkin to my namesake few days ago...it was the day before her birthday and somehow Katrina popped up and both of us acknowledged how she has made it on her own in the cinema world..tough ask..

This video though is something else..and has officially blown my brains off.. I have watched it umpteen times just to see her dance...and well i am a convert .